The Toof Fairy Came To Visit

It broke my heart to hear the news that your loose tooth finally came out. Your mom doesn't think it's a big deal. I know I might be slightly over reacting, but what she doesn't realize, is that, to me. it's another reminder that you are no longer my little baby girl.

Your mother and I put this Tooth Fairy note under your pillow. You woke up this morning completely ecstatic about the note and the cream she left behind.  It was endearing that you still believed in it. You went on and on about the note, how great fairies are, and shockingly, how you saw her for a brief moment that night dancing around your room briefly sparkling in gold... not entirely sure what you saw, but oookay.

Lesson learned. We're on this planet for a short time, you have every right to follow where your imagination is willing to take you.  We are all on this planet for only a short while. Enjoy these brief moments. ignorance is bliss You have the rest of your life to deal with a harsh reality. Hope you enjoyed it kid.