The New Bonnie & Clyde

This is what I woke up to this morning.  You and Buddy must have been bored, so one of you came up with the idea to smack daddy in the face while he was sleeping.  I’m almost convinced it was your idea, and Buddy failed to talk you out of it.

You and Buddy are too cute, so I never stay upset at either of you for too long.  I’m glad the two of you became best friends.  I think you met Buddy when you were only 3 months and ever since then you two have been inseparable; spending most of your time sleeping or getting into trouble.

Despite the fact he smells like a real giraffe running in the wild.  Especially when you drag him through the streets of San Francisco picking up every little piece of dirt off the street that sticks to his fur.  Your mother and I will always love Buddy for his special gift of knowing how to comfort you whenever you are upset or afraid.