Essential Listening - Bubble Skunk  |  Canya Reial

This is what I felt like when I woke up this morning.  

Let’s see… what’s on today’s menu… hmm.  Now that I think of it, a whole lot of nothing, just catching up on work.  Also, I’ve been glued to twitter following the developments in Egypt… nothing big, just your every day youth uprising to overthrow a 30 year long dictatorship.  You’ll probably end up reading about this in school one day.  Weird.  I just now had a flash forward and I could see myself hanging out with my grandkids talkin’bout, “in my days…”.  

You’re out with Mom, playing with your cousins Eli and Jaylene… and I’m home alone enjoying some peace and quiet…amen.

I have a few new updates on PLSTK. Pretty exciting news, but I’m not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet… I’ll keep you posted =]

Happy Saturday,