A Wedding in Mendocino... and stuff about you.

It’s late and I’m up packing for this weekend. Unfortunately, I won’t be hanging out with you at all during this break.  I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow, up towards Mendocino. I’m excited about it and as usual, I’m starting to get those pre-game jitters. All good. I’ll have some time to shake it off tomorrow on the drive up. I’m shooting with Marc for the first time, I’m pretty excited about that, can’t wait to see what we come up with.  

Anyway… as much as I’m looking forward to working, I’m extremely bummed I won’t be hanging out with you and mom this weekend.  I didn’t realize it at the time, on how much I’d miss you this weekend.  Mental note, no more taking assignments over long weekends/holidays.  Just know this hard work will pay off later… it’s worth it… you’ll see.

So the new thing you’re doing, let’s see…  I think you’ve added about 30+ words to your vocabulary. You can pretty much name everything.  You’re almost at the point where you can put two words together.  I’m determined, to make your first two words “love daddy”.   


You’re still a momma’s girl, but… I think I’m breaking you down.  You’re saying Daddy and Momma a lot.  You repeat it over and over again, sometimes just randomly saying it out of nowhere, then you’ll point at us. It’s sooo cute.

On the other hand, we discovered you have a really bad temper.  Your screaming.  Your whipping about all over dirty floors.  Stomping your feet?!  Wow. Is all I can say.  You’re like an evil cartoon baby.  You really make a guy want to punch another guy in the face.  Talked to my friend Josh about that, and he reassured me that ignoring you would be worth a try. Let’s see who wins.