Love is in the air…  


and B was insisting that I meet him at the dog park after work. He usually takes Rocket to the park whenever he gets off early, so I didn’t think much of it and made my way there. While on my path, three individuals approached me saying strange things. A female looking lost asked, “Isn’t it such a beautiful day today?” then scuffled off. A male around the same age nervously approached with, “Isn’t great to have a plus one?” then ran off as well. I was pretty baffled, but shrugged it off as normal city behavior. I eventually made my way up along the path to the top of the park where B and Rocks always played. Less than twenty paces in, a female approached me while on her stroll with a older gentleman and said, “You’re beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have you.” 

I started to think this was some kind of psychology project to survey the reaction of strangers subjected to positive blind complements. I laughed it off, only to be greeted by Rocks lunging towards me in a bow tie. B was in the distance dressed way too nice for the dog park. Then it hit me - he was proposing! While I was trudging up the hill, he got down on one knee, and as they say, “the rest was history”. 

But before he could finish sliding the ring on my finger, a homeless man (who I apparently ignored while walking up hill) asked for his money. Turns out, B had hired him to drop a inside joke which I didn’t hear due to the fact that he had no teeth. But I definitely heard, “Where’s my five dollars?” though!

As if all of this wasn’t amazing enough, B’s brother, Alan, and his buddy Jaymer, revealed themselves from their hiding spots. They were capturing every moment on camera (thanks guys!). Tears mixed with hugs, then mixed with joy. The celebration followed at Benu, where we got completely sloppy over wine pairings and a delicately prepared menu. 

The evening was festive, blissful, and spent inebriated to the point of yacking. Both B and I traded turns in the restroom. Even Rocks yacked (no joke) from eating too much grass while he was off-leash earlier at the park. Hey, it’s not official unless everyone joins the party right? 

It’s been two months since. :)