My muse.

NYC… Summer of 2000. My best summer ever. There are way too many reasons to mention, so I’m only going to share two.

One. Running around and discovering NYC with Helena. Our lives were so simple back then. Our only ambitions were to find the best places to eat, to find the best places for music, hanging out on stoops, and hanging out on rooftops.  

Before Helena, I would usually only venture into the city at night to either stuff my face at HopKee or tear up isht with Debbie, Christina, Mikey, and Ant all over the island. But after Helena and I started hanging out, I found myself spending more time in the city during the day, doing things that didn’t necessarily result in recovering the next morning.

It was a great phase for discovery.  The experience of discovering the city and myself allowed me open up my eyes. Which brings me to my best reason… it’s the summer I met your mother. More on that later.

Helena introduced me to Getz & Gilberto that same summer. It will forever remind me of her.

Happy Birthday Helena, love always.

You and Ninang Helena