A friend of ours had their little cousin pass away just a few days ago due to ecoli and salmonela poisoining.  You hear about it all the time, just never so close to home.  So I find out that he was only a about 7 years old.  

Reminded me that I really need to pay attention to the choices I make… in everything.  I know you can’t predict or expect to stop everything bad thing fron happening.  But the carelessness and things like not taking care of myself.  

Those choices.  Have… well… a direct impact on you.  

It is the first time that I realized that. no matter how cliche or obvious it is.  It doesn’t really hit home until you understand what that really means.  

Makes me look at evrything I’ve done in the past and really rethink about what I do with my time and why I make the decision i do.