So I’m sure you will start to wonder what is up with these photos of half naked ladies doing in your blog.  As you can see from your mom, I love beautiful women, and I love beautiful photos.  So it seemed natural to try to put the two together.  That thought alone is what propelled me to try out high fashion/lifestyle photography.  Eventually, it lead me to an opportunity to assist for Melissa Rodwell, which afforded me first hand look into the world of high fashion photography… from there I was able to build enough confidence to really pursue the idea.

I had another conversation with a friend and he broke down the differences between the two types… and my work falls into the Lifestyle & Editorial category.  I’m aiming for high fashion, but it’ll take time and professional models before I can call myself a high fashion photographer.  Here is his post…

Anyway, I’m trying my hand and it and you’ll hopefully see how I progress.

So today I did my first official boudoir/semi-editorial shoot.  The client was a good friend of ours.  Samantha came up with the idea of surprising her boyfriend with a few pictures for Christmas, she looked stunning.  We collaborated over some images that we both liked, went over the overall mood and shot it from there.